“Unlocking Success: Online Books and the Print-on-Demand Advantage for Publishers and Authors”

The publishing world has undergone technological changes, with the entry of online books bound to revolutionize it. The print-on-demand advantage for publishers and authors is among the key developments that have changed the traditional view of how books are produced and distributed. It allows authors and publishers to print and publish their books on demand. This blog post explores the print-on-demand advantage for publishers and authors in the digital age.

Firstly, online books (online knjige) and Print-on-demand (PoD) offer publishers maximum flexibility, allowing them to print and even deliver books in the format or platform of the reader’s choice. PoD generation has pioneered the mechanism by which books are now being printed just when the need arises. Traditional publishing is based on the principle of mass production, which will tie huge investments. It’s a game-changer for publishers who either want to test a market, print small quantities, keep inventory minimal, extend their catalog, or reduce book delivery times.

Secondly, the print-on-demand advantage for authors is that it gives them more power in the publishing process. They can publish their writings without associating with a traditional publisher, who relies on mass production. In essence, authors are now their bosses. They have the flexibility and independence to print their work, maintain their IP, market their product, and decide the delivery format. The only caveat for authors is that they must invest time and effort in building their brand and marketing themselves to their potential readers.

Thirdly, this technological development not only benefits publishers and authors, but it also benefits the intended market because it gives them more options and reduces the barriers to entry. With the advent of online books and PoD, readers can choose to buy print copies of their books or even go for ebooks or audiobooks. This means that people who may not have easy access to traditional printed books can buy on-demand books in the format they prefer.

Fourthly, the PoD model is eco-friendly and financially viable for the publishing industry because it reduces waste from unsold inventory that may have been produced through mass production. The traditional publishing model, where books are printed on speculation, often results in a significant percentage of unsold copies. In a stark contrast, Print-on-demand only prints copies of books when there is a demand, reducing the ecological footprint.

Finally, online books and the print-on-demand advantage also offer authors the ability to add a personal touch to their books. They can print their books with custom margins, cover designs, and fonts, adding value to their work that is hard to replicate in a traditional production model.


In conclusion, online books and the print-on-demand advantage for publishers and authors is a technological advancement that has revolutionized the publishing and book printing industry. It offers flexibility, independence, more options for the readers, reduced costs, and is environmentally friendly. Authors and publishers can now test the waters and have freedom in the publishing process, a unique value proposition that is sure to appeal to both small and big publishing firms. With on-demand printing, traditional publishing is changing, and it is now more financially viable and eco-friendly. Print-on-demand enables authors and publishers to harness their talents and creativity independently, without the limitations of traditional publishing.