The Reigning Queen: The Highest Paid Female Athlete

In recent years, women’s sports have been gaining more recognition and respect. This progress has led to women’s athletes receiving higher salaries and breaking records. This article will focus on the queen of them all, the highest paid female athlete. In 2020, Forbes crowned this title to no other than Naomi Osaka, a Japanese professional tennis player. Let’s dive into her journey to stardom and her impressive bank account.

Naomi Osaka was born in Japan in 1997 and moved to the United States with her family when she was only three years old. Her father introduced her to tennis at a young age, and she quickly showed that she had a spark of talent in the sport. As an upcoming young player, she honed her skills at the ProWorld Tennis Academy in Florida. She turned pro at the age of 16, signed with several sponsors, including Nike, and quickly made her way up in the tennis world.

In 2018, Naomi made a name for herself in the US Open when she defeated her idol, Serena Williams. This win set off a series of events that would propel her to the highest-paid female athlete title. In 2019, she was the world’s highest-earning female athlete, thanks to her sponsorship deals and earnings from winning back-to-back Grand Slam titles in the US Open and the Australian Open. Last year, she took the throne again, earning a whopping $37.4 million from endorsements and prize money.

Naomi has been strategic with her sponsorship deals, aligning herself with brands that share her vision for social justice and equality. She has worked with well-known brands like Nike and Nissan but has also partnered with smaller companies like Hyperice and Mastercard. Her newest partnership with Louis Vuitton is proof that she is a force to be reckoned with not only in sports but in fashion as well.

Naomi Osaka’s success has a significant impact not only on women’s sports but also on the representation of Asian athletes. She has used her platform to speak out on social justice issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement. She has also been vocal about her struggles with anxiety and depression, sparking a much-needed conversation about mental health in sports. Her work on and off the court has inspired young athletes worldwide, proving that sports can be a platform for making a positive impact.


In 2020, Naomi Osaka proved that she is not only a tennis superstar but also a powerful voice for social justice and change. Her ability to align herself with sponsors who support her values and her dedication to making a positive impact on and off the court has propelled her to the top of the highest-paid female athletes list. We eagerly anticipate what else this rising star has in store for us. In the meantime, let us celebrate her as a symbol of female empowerment and representation.