4 Key Tips to Keep Your RV Safe During Winter

RVs have always been a classic addition to any road trip and outings to the beach or the woods. They make for the perfect companion, especially during the summer heat, as they make long trips feel more bearable and comfortable and make the nights easier to sleep through.

When it comes to making sure the next trip on your RV is just as smooth and enjoyable as your current trip, proper care along with routine maintenance is needed to ensure that everything will be working the same way you left the vehicle. Different RV models like a Keystone Retreat RV in Boise have different structures but have the same maintenance routine that ensures everything is working fine.

Winter is a harsh season, and not all RVs are equipped to be used during the cold season. Not only that, RVs are prone to get damaged during this time of the year; it is crucial to properly store your RV and prepare it in time for the season. We have here several tips that will help you in preparing to store your RV for the colder season.

Disconnect Your Appliances

Since your RV will be out of commission for a few months on end, it is important to disconnect the power from all the appliances inside your RV. This ensures that your RV will not be accidentally draining the battery connected to all the appliances and that your appliances will not be doing anything during the storage period as it can lead to accidents inside.

Furthermore, it is also important to make sure that your freezer is free from any contents inside and is properly defrosted to prevent any odors from forming.

Sanitize Your Interior

The next thing you need to do is to thoroughly sanitize the interior of your RV, even if you wouldn’t be able to clean it out fully. Sanitizing your RV’s interior means that you apply disinfectant throughout the interior to prevent bacteria and the like from remaining. Sanitizing your RV’s interior ensures that molds will form during the time you keep your RV stored and prevents an infestation.

Thoroughly Wash and Wax the RV

It is essential to fully wash and wax your RV before storing it and covering it with a protective sheet. Washing your RV is important in the storage process because, like sanitizing the interior, it prevents stains and molds from forming on the exterior. Waxing and sealants are also important because they add a layer of protection to your RV and keep moisture from penetrating the exterior.

Fuel Up and Make Some Oil Changes

The last thing you want to do before you place your RV into storage is to make sure that all of its fluids have been checked and topped off. Additionally, storing your RV with a full tank along with a bottle of fuel stabilizer ensures that your engine won’t get damaged and be ready to go after the cold weather has passed.